Monthly Archives: December 2015

Progress Update – World on Fire

The first draft of World on Fire is complete! I’ve done my revisions and sent the second draft off to my beta readers to offer their comments and edits. They’ll make sure my story has continuity, makes sense, is complete, and just generally tell me what they think. Hopefully they’ll love it.
After I receive the beta copies back, which should all be back by the 23rd, I’ll do my rewrites and then send it off to my editor by the 28th. Yep, this means I’ll be doing some editing over Christmas break and be sending it off while I’m in Florida visiting family. No problem!
I’ll have my editor look it over and offer up her fixes not once but twice. Why? Because I want to give you the most polished final product that I possibly can. And when it’s finished with the editor and I’ve finished my revisions, then it will go to a couple of proofreaders to be sure it’s perfect.
When all is said and done, it should be out by the end of next month, depending on how long my editor and I take to get to the final draft. I can’t wait for you to see it!

In other news, the audio book for At Death’s Door is currently in production. I’m really excited for you to listen to the finished recording which will be available on I’m also happy to announce that I’ll be at Penned Con 2016 as an exhibitor, sharing a table with fellow author Bridget Blackwood. Hope to see you there!

WorldInFire cover