Hard decisions regarding Print Distribution as an Indie Author

So, in order for brick and mortar stores (like Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million) to be willing to carry my book on their shelves, it has to be returnable (that’s one of a few things, but that’s the main one the B&N manager said). CreateSpace will NOT set a book as non-returnable. Which means I go through Ingram (the best and most legit option). Ingram costs money – for example, you have to buy an ISBN (CreateSpace offers a free one, but it’s ONLY usable through them), plus a title setup fee (which they’ll refund if you buy 50 books within 60 days – I have a couple boxes of my book already grrr), plus apparently like $12 a year (no big deal). Is it worth it? If I can get it on the shelves it’ll only take like 25 copies to break even with their charges. This is really actually a hard thing to decide. I think if I personally call around to the stores I can convince them to carry a few copies at least as a test. I think B&N also wants copies their customers can buy from them if you’re going to be included in panels and book signings. What would you do or have you done?


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