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Hard decisions regarding Print Distribution as an Indie Author

So, in order for brick and mortar stores (like Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million) to be willing to carry my book on their shelves, it has to be returnable (that’s one of a few things, but that’s the main one the B&N manager said). CreateSpace will NOT set a book as non-returnable. Which means I go through Ingram (the best and most legit option). Ingram costs money – for example, you have to buy an ISBN (CreateSpace offers a free one, but it’s ONLY usable through them), plus a title setup fee (which they’ll refund if you buy 50 books within 60 days – I have a couple boxes of my book already grrr), plus apparently like $12 a year (no big deal). Is it worth it? If I can get it on the shelves it’ll only take like 25 copies to break even with their charges. This is really actually a hard thing to decide. I think if I personally call around to the stores I can convince them to carry a few copies at least as a test. I think B&N also wants copies their customers can buy from them if you’re going to be included in panels and book signings. What would you do or have you done?


At Death’s Door Book Trailer

Enjoy this trailer for At Death’s Door – available on Amazon!

review: At Death’s Door by Astrid V. Tallaksen

Upcoming Blog Tour

Hey hey kids! Starting tomorrow, At Death’s Door and I will be off on a two week blog tour! I’m excited! You’ll get to see reviews, interviews, guest blog posts, and neat extras.

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Here’s the schedule!

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November 10
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November 11
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November 12
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November 13
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November 14
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November 17
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