The Dragon has been slain! DragonCon 2014 recap

This weekend was a hectic, exhausting, wonderful experience. I met new people, encountered famous faces, and reunited with great friends. I ran all over the place throughout the course of the con, and then in the evenings spent time hanging out with some of the Con guests (the celebrities that attend). I also had fun in two different costumes this weekend. Telling everyone bye was soooo hard.



People I met? Tony Curran (Datak Tarr in Defiance, Van Gogh in an ep of Doctor Who), Julie Benz (Darla in Buffy/Angel, Amanda on Defiance), Emmanuelle Vaugier (The Morrigan on Lost Girl), James Gunn (director of Guardians of the Galaxy), and so many more that I literally can’t begin to list all of them. There was too much drunken fun to be had, but it made all the hard work worth it. I also got to hang out with Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters) who has been a friend since the first Dragoncon I attended. We got into lots of chaotic, hilarious trouble with Emmanuelle Vaugier and friends. Hanging out with some friends from Face Off (the Syfy show, not the horrible Nick Cage movie) was a blast too. And of course, even though I wasn’t working for technical operations this year, I still spent quality time with my tech ops family.

The Dragon has been slain. I’m exhausted, but next year can’t come soon enough.

Edit: I realized I forgot to share my costumes! I had a Black Widow costume and a Bombshell Batgirl costume! Maybe I’ll post pics later once the Bombshell photo shoot pics become available!


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  1. So jealous. I’m greener than that Jolly Giant fella

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