The Genesis of a Villain

Good friend and fellow author Bridget Blackwood and I had a good discussion today about villains and what makes us love to hate them. Check it out.

Bridget Blackwood

“Who is to say who is the villain and who is the hero? Probably the dictionary.” – Joss Whedon

Author Astrid V. Tallaksen and I spent hours discussing villains this morning. Movies like Maleficent took a character we believed was wholly evil and retold the story in a way we could sympathize and even like her. Astrid pointed out that Game of Thrones watchers love Arya but hate the Hound, why are they so different? What makes a character sympathetic, either as a villain or a hero, so that we will forgive them anything? I’ve touched upon the idea in the past of villain not being simply black and white. Like all people, villains are three-dimensional and possess the capacity to express the whole spectrum of behaviors. We’re a species of contradictions. What motivates a villain to act? Is it on the orders of another, to gain something, revenge, a misguided sense…

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